Benefits of Taking a Temp Job in an Uncertain Economy

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Should you take a temporary position or keep looking for the perfect fit? That’s always been an excellent question, and right now we’re hearing job seekers ask it much more frequently.

People straight out of high school or college ask whether they should accept a short-term position and start making money now, even if that money isn’t the greatest, or if they should hold out for something that better aligns with their long-term career goals. Experienced individuals getting burned out at their current job wonder if they should quit now, take what they can get and figure it all out later, or if they should keep slogging along until they find a long-term solution.

If you know exactly what you want professionally and you have the skills and qualifications for that role, we created a step by step for finding work in our free download “Create Your Best Job.” It’s good reading for every job seeker.

But if you need time to figure out what direction you’d like to go next or you need income right away, a temp job might be the way to go. Right now there are a broad range of opportunities available, and many employers are desperate for help. Also, while they’re optimistic about the potential for business growth in the near future, they’re also aware how quickly things can change, so they’re also trying to run as lean as possible. Hiring temporary staff meets today’s staffing needs and can benefit job seekers in several ways.

Make Money Now

The sooner you start working, the faster you’ll get paid. That’s a powerful motivator, especially if you’ve been out of work recently. When you have bills, you can only wait so long for the perfect job opportunity to present itself. Here are just a few examples of the types of temp jobs out there right now (that don’t just pay minimum wage):

  • Order fulfillment workers: People are shopping online for everything from housewares to groceries. Order fulfillment workers, also known as pickers or packers, work at a warehouse to gather orders to send to stores or ship directly to consumers.
  • Retail associates: If you’ve been shopping at all this year, you probably noticed almost every store has a help wanted sign on the door. As we move into the holiday season, there will be even more opportunities for workers willing to help customers, process transactions and restock merchandise.
  • Administrative assistant: Temporary administrative assistants might take over short-term for an employee on leave, or they might provide extra support during busy seasons. Note – if you’re a fast learner, organized, manage your time well, and are able to handle multiple tasks, a Brelsford Personnel client is currently seeking a temp to hire administrative assistant to assist senior management.
  • Call center associate: If you’re looking for temporary work you can do from home, call centers are often looking for cheerful, helpful workers with great people skills.

Try New Things

Temp jobs also benefit people who are interested in exploring a new career field. Maybe your original career path turned out not to be for you, and you want to sample the next thing before you go all in. Taking a temporary job in a new industry or role allows you to evaluate whether something longer term might be a good fit.

Bridge the Pandemic Resume Gap

Long stretches of unemployment can be hard to explain. If you were one of the millions of Americans who spent time out of work because of COVID, future employers are going to notice the gap. They’re looking to hire people who demonstrate they want to work and who show resilience during tough times. When you take a temp job, you show initiative, a willingness to learn new skills and a desire to be productive.

Apply for Work Today

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