Tyler College Grad Finds Work Through Brelsford Personnel

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When Amanda completed a degree in Business Management, she was ready to enter the workforce, but her job search took longer than expected. She spent a significant amount of time combing through job postings, sending resumes and filling out applications, but started to become discouraged by the lack of response.

She always intended to pursue a Master’s degree, and she started to think she should give up on her job search and return to being a full-time student. “I was on the verge of going back if I didn’t get a call,” she remembers.

How She Found Brelsford Personnel

Amanda saw a job posting on LinkedIn she thought might fit her skills and interests, so she put in an application. She said within a week she got a call from Regina, Brelsford Personnel’s Staffing Assistant. Regina conducted a brief three or four question interview and Amanda let her know she was interested in any openings for which she was qualified.

“I didn’t even realize they were a staffing agency.” Amanda remembers telling her parents about the call, and they were concerned about how they had heard some personnel firms operate. “Some of them are going to have you pay,” she said they told her.

Within a week, Regina called back to set up an in-person interview with Driedra Brelsford. At her interview, Amanda asked if she would be charged for their services.

“Ms. Driedra told me, ‘We don’t take payments from you. We get paid through the company you get hired by.’”

After Her First Interview

Driedra had a possible job opening in mind for Amanda. She asked her to take a skills test, but life got busy and Amanda didn’t get to it right away.

“Regina called to check up on me,” she said. Brelsford Personnel was actively seeking a position for her, and they were eager to verify her skills so they could move things along. Three or four weeks after she applied, she received a job offer for a front desk position at a Tyler area employer.

Reflecting on Her Experience

“It’s just truly been a blessing them coming into my life,” Amanda says. “I just say that Brelsford is really God sent. I really recommend for anyone to go through their staffing agency.”

She’s also thrilled with her new position. “I enjoy going to my job every day! I love a little bit of everything; building relationships with my co-workers, meeting new people and the learning and challenges that come on a day-to-day basis.”

At Brelsford Personnel, we love connecting recent college graduates with area employers. Search our current job openings to see if one might be right for you.

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