Finding Bilingual Jobs Near Tyler Tx

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If you speak more than one language, you have a powerful skill that automatically makes you more qualified to fill certain positions. Communication is the building block for business, education and public service. Bilingual employees are highly valued in almost every field because without their skills, some interactions become frustrating or impossible.

As the world gets more connected, the demand for multi-lingual employees will only continue to rise. If you speak more than one language, East Texas employers need you to fill bilingual jobs throughout the area.

3 Major Advantages of Hiring Bilingual Employees

When job candidates speak a second language, it can be the deciding factor in the hiring process. There are bilingual jobs in almost every field. Whether you’re hiring a bank teller, teacher, paramedic, customer service representative, salesperson or other role, candidates are an asset to your company if they can communicate with people who struggle understanding and speaking English.

  • Bilingualism makes companies more competitive. They can reach more people than a monolingual business.
  • Hiring bilingual employees communicates the organization cares about demographic groups for whom English is less understandable than their native language.
  • Hiring multi-lingual employees allows businesses to be increasingly global. Bilingual employees don’t just know another culture’s vocabulary, they often know its customs and etiquette.

Bilingual Benefits for Job Hunters

If you speak a second language, make sure it’s on your resume. Being bilingual is a highly sought after skill which will give you a better overall chance of landing the job.

Plus, bilingual jobs pay better. AOL Finance suggests bilingual employees make between five and 20 percent more than employees that otherwise have the same skills and serve in the same capacity.

Being bilingual creates opportunities. For some jobs, you might get to travel to help meet your employer’s needs. For others, being the go-to person when your boss needs a translator makes you the person they think of first when a better position becomes available.

Most Common Languages Spoken in Texas

What languages make you the most in demand? Texas has a diverse ethnic composition. As of 2017, more than 16 percent of the population was born outside of the U.S. The most common foreign languages are as follows:

  • Spanish – 7,726,208 speakers
  • Vietnamese – 225,079 speakers
  • Chinese (including Mandarin and Cantonese) – 161,502 speakers

Bilingual Employees Needed

If you speak another language, here at Brelsford Personnel we recognize the high value of your language skills. Submit your resume for one of our open positions to start the hiring process today.

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