How to Thrive Even if You’re Stuck in a Dead End Job

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When work starts to feel like a hamster wheel day after day, it can lead to burnout. Maybe you’ve worked to the highest position possible within your organization and your company doesn’t offer any more opportunities for growth. Or, maybe you applied for a promotion and failed.

When there’s nowhere to go and no change in sight, the future stretches ahead of you endless and bleak. However, most people can’t afford to go home and stay there while they figure out what to do next.

That’s where we come in. Brelsford Personnel helps East Texans find jobs they love. While you’re waiting, here are ways to breathe fresh energy into every day while you work toward a better future.

Step Back

You may not be able to quit, but take a break to invest in yourself and your future. Carve out some time on a weekend or take a day off for reflection and research.

When you don’t like your job, you can develop tunnel vision. All you can see is what’s holding you back. Maybe you feel like your boss and co-workers are always stifling your creativity or the nature of your work is too mind-numbing. You feel strangled because you have to have the benefits or the income to support your family. The more you focus on the problem, the bigger it looms.

Intentionally step back and start looking for the solution. You know you hate where you are, but where would you like to be? What’s your ideal job? What skills do you already possess and which ones do you still need to get it? Set attainable goals and start researching the steps that would get you there.


There’s always a demand for highly skilled employees. If you’re not qualified for the job you want right now, do something about it. Take advantage of training your employer offers. If you hear about a workshop or seminar that would add to your skillset and it’s not on your manager’s radar, ask to attend.

You might need to go back and finish high school, attend a trade school, pick up an associates or bachelor’s degree or get your MBA. It all takes time and effort, but you become of more worth to employers. Plus, you’ll feel hopeful instead of stagnant.

Slide Laterally

If you can’t move up, can you trade places? There might be another position within your organization that has different responsibilities and requirements. Even if you have the same pay, you’ll learn new things and have a fresh daily routine.

Get Moving

Literally move more. Set a timer and do something to get your blood pumping every hour. Jog in place behind your desk. Go for a brisk walk around the parking lot. Find a way to work in physical activity and both your brain and body will feel invigorated.

Apply Somewhere Else

Brelsford Personnel has been successfully placing qualified candidates with top Texas employers since 1988. View our current openings and if you find one that looks like a good fit, register with us today.

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