East Texas Jobs for College Students

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East Texas Jobs for College Students

If you’re enrolled at Tyler Junior College (TJC) or the University of Texas at Tyler (UT Tyler), you don’t have much summer left. Before long you’ll be back in the classroom focused on homework and exams. Most college students also have bills to pay and need to work a part or full-time job. We’ve made a list of some of the best East Texas jobs for college students.

Jobs on Campus

Both TJC and UT Tyler offer employment for students, with some positions available in individual areas of study. The biggest difference between student assistant jobs and work-study jobs is where the funding comes from.

On-campus positions provide hands-on experience that’s great for references when you’re applying for your first job after graduation. You receive a regular paycheck even for work-study jobs and can apply those funds to your tuition or other expenses.

At UT Tyler students can work up to 19.5 hours a week and are paid twice a month. Student employees at TJC can work up to 18 hours a week. You might work in the campus library, get hired by your major’s departmental office or even work at the college fitness center.

Off-Campus Jobs for College Students

College kids in Tyler and Longview typically apply for restaurant and retail positions to make the cash they need to get through school. There’s a growing need for East Texas retail workers at places like The Village at Cumberland Park. Restaurant jobs usually let students attend morning classes, study in the afternoon and work in the evening when eateries experience peak traffic and tips are most likely to be high.

Area Starbucks locations are almost always looking for baristas, and they pay between $7.84 and $8.68/hour. The Starbucks College Achievement Program offers qualified employees assistance in paying for college.

Schedules change every semester, so flexibility is helpful when you’re working on your degree. If you have a reliable car and you don’t mind putting on the miles, Uber advertises you can make your own schedule and work as a driver. If you’re willing to work late nights and weekends you can bank some cash, then cut back on hours when you have to study for finals.

During the summer, East Texas students pick up extra money working as counselors in places like Rose City Summer Camp. The program pays $1,350 for the second half of summer, which is just starting. If you’re working toward a career in education, some of the Tyler and Longview elementary student learning centers hire tutors for summer positions.

Find a Job in East Texas That’s Right for You

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