East Texas BBB Warns of Summer Job Scams

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East Texas BBB Warns of Summer Job Scams

Protect Yourself From Scammers

If you’re trying to find a job in East Texas, it might be because you’re unhappy in your current position or you need more money. Unfortunately, scammers use the powerful emotions that drive that job search against you. We talked with Mechele Mills, President of the East Texas Better Business Bureau. She offered straight talk on job scams in our area, along with tips for not being a victim.

East Texas Job Scams

When we asked Ms. Mills what types of job scams she had seen in East Texas, she said they typically fell into the following categories:

  • Work from home jobs – With this type of scam, none of the interviewing is done in person. The scammer and job candidate exchange information through email and there’s never a phone call, video interview or any other personal contact. The goal of this type of scam is typically identity theft. Scammers might ask for personal and sometimes bank account information, saying they need it to evaluate candidates for the position.


  • Jobs that require a background check – When people are looking for a nanny or other type of caregiver, it’s normal to ask for a background check. What isn’t normal is to ask for money up front. In this type of East Texas job scam, the fake employer asks for a money order or wire transfer without an interview or any other personal contact.


  • Re-shipping schemes – Ads for this type of scheme seek people for package processing or forwarding. Scammers ask people to accept shipments at their home address and send them out again to a different location. They often require prospects to provide their bank account, driver’s license, social security number or PayPal account.


  • Grassroots Campaign scams – Recently the BBB has seen postings for jobs campaigning for a cause. People are passionate about campaigning for women’s rights or education reform, and they want to make a difference. Often scammers ask for background check money and steal it.

Technology makes it easy for scammers. They advertise in the Thrifty Nickel, newspaper ads and online.

Red Flags to Watch For

If it seems too good to be true, listen to that inner voice of warning. Job scams often ask people to do something that doesn’t require a lot of experience. The position usually seems to pay more than you would expect for that type of job.

Many scams come from overseas, so poor grammar is also a warning sign. Watch for spelling errors, odd word placement or British English spelling (organise instead of organize, colour instead of color).

Find a Job Opportunity that’s Legitimate

When we asked Ms. Mills how she recommended East Texans identify legitimate job opportunities, she said your best bet is to go through a local employment agency. They have relationships with businesses in the community, know which of those businesses are hiring and can take a personal interest in helping job seekers find a position.

They also know each company’s culture and can find a better fit. They receive their fees from the employer, so there’s never a cost to the job seeker.

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